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Pot Core Bobbins:
Thru Hole & Surface Mount: P1408-01 & 02, P1408-6-01 & 02, P1811-01 & 02, P2213-01 & 02, P2616-01 & 02
Print Circuit Type: P11X7-01, P1408-6-02-SL, P1811-44-01
Print Circuit Type - Modified: P1408-42-01, P1811-8-01, P2616-1-12, P3622-1-12
Pot Core Bobbins: B7X4-1, B9X5-1, B11X7-1, B14X8-1, BRM6-1, B18X11-1, B22X13-1, B26X16-1, B30X19-1, B36X22-1, B42X29-1, B45X29-1


Printed Circuit Bobbins:
Thru Hole & Surface Mount: P2311-S, P2318-S, P1811-8-TT
Thru Hole & Surface Mount: P1408-10S, P1408-6S,P3019-S


Miniature Bobbins:
Printed Circuit Type: 1814, 2031 (ER9.5)


Toroid Mounting Device:
Thru Hole & Surface Mount: 1400 Series, 1800 Series, 2600 Series


Toroid Mounts:
Horizontal with Terminals: 1072TH, 1698TH, 1960
Horizontal with Terminals: 1951, 1874, 1825, 1821
Horizontal with Terminals: 1954, 1817, 1683
Horizontal Round: TM1822, TM1818, TM1226, TM1654


Terminal Plate Shell/Terminal Plate:
Terminal Plate Shell/Terminal Plate: SH-1408, SH-1811, SH-2213, SH-2616, TP-1408, TP-1811, TP-2213, TP-2616


Encapsulation Case:
Encapsulation Case: S-100-1-61, S-100-1-62, S-100-1-63, S-100-1-64, S-100-2-81
Encapsulation Case: 1819, 1730, 1980, SH1954


Lamination Bobbin:
Horizontal Mount El 187X3/16 Stack
Thru Hole & Surface Mount
E-Lamination Bobbin (No Terminals) 1823, 1824, 1820
Vertical Mount with Terminals 1527, 1222


EP Series Bobbin:
EP7 & EP13 1610(EP7), 1921(EP13)
EP10 & EP17 A1913(EP10), A1919(EP17)


RM Series Bobbin:
RM5 & RM6 1937(RM5), 1941-1(RM6)
RM8 & RM10 1938(RM8), 1914(RM10)


PQ Series Bobbin:
PQ20/16 & PQ20/20 2069(PQ20/16), 2020(PQ20/20)
PQ26/25, PQ32/20 & PQ32/30 2071(PQ26/25), 2070(PQ32/20), 2072(PQ32/30)