About United Technical Products

To succeed with todayís automated assembly processes for molded plastic parts, precision is crucial.  For over 25 years, United Technical Products has been meeting the demanding requirements necessary to manufacture precision components.

From design, through order placement, manufacturing, to final shipment, UTP strives to exceed customer expectations.

Customer Service

Whether you need a stock part or a custom design, UTP can provide the solution.

We offer more than 150 standard precision-molded coil forms, toroid mounts and encapsulation cases.  Detailed specifications for these parts are available in our on-line catalog.

If you need a custom design, our knowledgeable engineering personnel can evaluate your requirements promptly, and offer advice on material selection, product modifications and design improvements that can make your product perform better at a lower cost.

Your requests for quotes, technical questions, expediting inquiries, and sample requests  are always answered promptly.


Advance molding technology and tooling:  UTP uses both conventional hydraulic, and state-of-the-art electrically driven injection molding machines.  For the most demanding jobs, electric molding delivers unequalled part-to-part uniformity over long production runs.

Our versatile modular tooling enables us to deliver tighter part tolerances and thinner wall sections than is possible with family molds.  Modular tooling is economical as well, because it allows us to mold your parts along with others.  We also make our tools in-house, which provides superior control over part dimensions.

Precision Custom Molding:  In addition to our growing line of standard products, UTP produces a wide variety of custom molded products for many industries.  Our in-house tool design and tool making facilities enables us to quickly produce prototype, short-run, or high volume tooling at reasonable prices.

Economy without Sacrificing Quality: Our use of modular tooling lets UTP offer our customers reduced part cost by molding a variety of parts made from the same material in a single operation.  It also keeps tooling investment to a minimum.

Unlike traditional family tooling, modular tooling enables UTP to mold to much tighter tolerances and thinner wall sections.  The versatility of modular tooling makes it more suitable for today's high quality, cost sensitive applications.

Superior terminations:  We stamp metal terminations and insert them in-house, so we can readily meet demanding specifications for retention and positioning.  Whatís more, our terminations are completely plated for assured solderability.

Surface Mount Products:  As a natural outgrowth of our work with small, tight-tolerance parts, UTP has developed a special expertise with surface mount products.  We've made most of our standard products available with a surface mount option plus designed, built, and manufactured dozens of custom surface mount products.

Quality Assurance

Quality Materials:  To help your products meet UL and other requirements, we use the best materials available.  These include DuPont engineering polymers such as Rynite PET thermoplastic polyester resins, Zytel nylon resins and Zenite LCP liquid crystal polymer resins.  We also mold thermosets. (See our on-line "Molding Material Performance Properties" list.)

Quality ControlThorough Quality Control and Inspection programs during all phases of production enable UTP to make the continuing commitment to quality that our customerís demand.